saltation 010

Interactive Installation – visuals and sound experience

The interactive art installation Saltation 010 represents an immersive experience contemplating phenomenons of nature. Saltation, from Latin ‘saltus’ meaning ‘leap’ is a geological occurrence describing a specific type of particle transport by wind or water. Sand drift over desert surfaces or snow drift in the arctic create temporary landscapes. Once the wind speed reaches a certain critical value, the drag and lift forces exerted are sufficient to accelerate some particles from the surface. Just like the threshold needed to counteract gravity, the hidden trigger in the sculpture can be unlocked through movement, depicting short films dealing with this very phenomenon.

In collaboration with Romain Ronflette & Caroline Fayette
Production at Studio Twins

Technical aspect:
2014 – pure data / arduino / sculpture / video / projection
1m30 x 50cm x 50cm

Exibited at
– Unrender // the beauty of impermanence – at Lehrter Siebzehn, Berlin
– BYO x A Splash of Now – at Loophole, Berlin


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