Art Direction – Set Design – Advertising

Shooting for CUZE brand.

This project is a collaboration between photographer Caroline Fayette and set designer Chloé Guerbois.
Born of a chance encounter with the ceramist Yasuhira Cüze, this work, at the crossroads of several disciplines, highlights the delicate, fragile and delectable poetics of the traditional Japanese technique used by this ceramist.
Inspired by the formal and colorful design of Ettore Sottsass and the land artist Dani Karavan, this series of photographs named Oasis recreates abstract landscapes. The various potteries of Cüze are arranged in spaces that play on contrasts between a pronounced geometry and a delicate atmosphere, in order to bring us back to the formal characteristics of the artist, and in particular to the Tobikanna style. Thus, from transparent colored Plexiglas sets, they refer to the streaks of these potteries and the kinetic games that occur there, while contrasting with the sand, which is the basis of the ceramic and brings softness. Similarly, photographic cut-outs blur our vision, while diffused light plunges us into delicate environments that recall the two main characteristics of the Tobikanna style: formal poetics and sets of optics.

Yasuhira Cùze is a ceramist with a degree from the Design and Ceramic Lab in Ishoken (Tajimi City Pottery Design and Technical Center) where he was able to learn ceramic techniques between 2009 and 2011 and then set up his own studio in Berlin.

* Tobikanna: at the base a ceramic tool, it gives rise to a traditional style of pottery in Japan. From a “potter’s wheel”, this flexible metallic tool makes it possible to produce moving and textured patterns continuously on a semi-dry ceramic surface and then covered with transparent glazing.

New series from Studio Twins
Photographer : Caroline Fayette
Set designer : Chloé Guerbois






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