8 gg | body control

commisionned – Video shooting in 4K – Post production

Body Control, an interactive video installation by the multimedia duo 8GG, for 艺术界 LEAP, Beijing Modern Media Group, The International Art Magazine of Contemporary China, 2015. Shot in 4K and post production by the artist duo Chloé Guerbois & Caroline Fayette (Studio Twins).

Interactive installation
Beijing/Chengdu/Guangzhou, China

Commissioned by LEAP {VEZEL-CPAP}
Artist duo: 8GG
Videography by Chloé Guerbois & Caroline Fayette (Studio Twins)
Choreography by Sergiu Matis
Dance by Sergiu Matis, Maria Walser, Enrico Wey, Corey Scott-Gilbert
vvvvprogram by Michael & Ann-Katrin